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The main features :

l 7 "color LCD capacitive touch screen, graphical user interface, built-in clock and parameters can be set with automatic

       storage function;

l be an external computer to use a variety of input methods for equipment operating parameters and operators need

       to print, department, item name, and custom and other content without the need to set or change the color

       touch control screen comes while the sealing machine Print the appropriate settings content;

owned printing parameters database, a wireless router can also be used to record the sealing parameters to achieve

       eight million times the storage seal and print information to facilitate traceability queries;

l own positive sequence (descending) count sealed counter, the number of user-friendly sealing accurate statistics;

l   own print margins, print interval symbols, printing interval length, print control seal serial numbers and other unique features;

l with rapid heating and auxiliary cooling design: equipped with a microcomputer-controlled heating and cooling mechanism,

       reducing the sealing temperature quickly from low to high or from high in the end of the waiting time, energy efficient

       and meet the operational needs of the fast-paced;

l computer intelligent temperature control design, operating temperature 60 ~ 220 ℃ arbitrarily set,

       temperature control accuracy ± 1%;

l Operating temperature sealing temperature exceeds the set value range ± 4 ℃, the machine will automatically stop working,

       effectively ensure the safe operation of the seal of quality and equipment;

l floating constant pressure lamination structure designed to meet the needs of three-dimensional sealing bags and

       bags of different thicknesses;

l automatic fault alarm indicator, automatic detection of the working process, a variety of fault alarms can be automatically

       or prompt;
  l standby time and standby temperature adjustable, intelligent standby recovery, high-speed return to operating temperature;

  l Advanced flat ceramic heating components, heating up fast, uniform heating, high temperature, long life, high thermal efficiency;

  l Sealing speed: 10 ± 0.5 m / min;
  l Sealing left side: 0 ~ 35 mm adjustable;
  l Working temperature: 60 ~ 220 ℃ adjustable ;
  l Temperature accuracy: ≤ 1%;
  l AC: 110V/220V ± 10% 50Hz ;
  l Seal pattern width: 12 mm;
  l Maximum Current: 3.2A;
  l Fuse: 5A × 2
  l Power: 500 W
  l Dimensions: 560 × 260 × 220mm
The printing system features:

l Chinese, English, numbers and special characters in line with the print function "YY0466-2003 medical device used with

        medical device labels, signs and symbols to provide information", the Ministry of Health to meet the requirements

        of the sterilization date, expiration date, batch sterilization , sterilizer number, operator, item names and departments,

        and other print functions;
  l sterilization date, expiration date can be automatically adjusted according to the set, leap month,

        automatically adjusts the size of the moon; 
  l Built-one printer, font width, spacing, adjustable, easy to print more content to the relatively narrow bags,

        printing can also press a button to turn off the need to close an entry, flexible, convenient and fast;
  l The system will print width values are given according to the selected print content, 

        automated accounting print minimum bandwidth to help operators determine how much of the project before printing

        to select the appropriate paper and plastic bags, paper and plastic bags is insufficient to achieve before sealing width reminder;
Note: 1 can be configured to display the print in English or other languages according to the user;
          2 can be tailor-made products according to the needs of the user;
          3 Accept OEM production