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EF102-T-Sealer 8 "color LCD capacitive touch screen display control, graphical user interface, built-in clock and

parameters can be set and automatic storage function, no external computer via a built-in color touch screen

can be used to control multiple kinds of input parameters and operation of the equipment are required to be printed,

department, item name, and custom settings or change other content while using the print head comes with two

dual-line printing large amount of information.

Technical Parameters:

 Sealing speed: 10 ± 0.5 m / min

 Seal pattern width: 12 mm sealing strength: 

 Sealing left side: 0 ~ 35 mm adjustable

 Power supply: 110V/220V ± 10% 50Hz

 Maximum power: 500W

 Equipment size: 620 × 260 × 220mm

 Weight: 20Kg

 Performance Specifications:

 Chinese, English, numbers, and in line with "YY0466-2003 medical device used with medical device labels, tags, and providing information symbols" and other special symbols print function, enabling the validity of the Ministry of Health requirements, batch, using the department name, operator name or label, pan number, pan inferior various printing requirements;

 Dual print head configuration, you can set the print business, adjust the print content, dual-line printing, users can decide positional parameters, print settings, or the next printing;

 Have identified sealing machine running automatic detection function, to achieve detection equipment operating pressure and velocity parameters of the device itself can be instantly displayed in the test status, speed of the device, pressure, temperature and test time can be printed and saved;

 T-type machine can use a wireless router to record and store an unlimited amount of sealing parameters to meet the needs of retrospective sealing quality;

Automatic fault alarm indicator, automatic detection of the working process of the various failure automatic alarm or tips;

 With rapid heating and auxiliary cooling design: equipped with a microcomputer-controlled heating and cooling mechanism, reducing the sealing temperature quickly from low to high or from high in the end of the waiting time, which can effectively improve work efficiency;

Print Font width and style adjustable, easy to put more content to print to a relatively narrow bags;

Print function can also press a button to turn off the need to close certain entries;

Automatic energy-saving standby: Standby time and standby temperature is adjustable, intelligent standby recovery, high-speed return to operating temperature, energy saving;