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  The EF813 series heat sealer is used for heat-sealable materials such as breathing bags, plastic films and their composite films as packaging materials, which require vacuuming and then heat-sealing at the production site. It uses pulse heating and uses pneumatic compression. The heat sealing method is used for heat sealing of various materials, which can vacuumize and heat seal the packaging bags of breathing bags, plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, etc., which is mainly used for various industrial enterprises, biopharmaceuticals, medical consumables and other production units Used for high-quality heat-sealing requirements of various packaging bags before or after sterilization of various items. The quality of heat-sealing meets the requirements of relevant standards or GMP certification, and is suitable for high-temperature steam sterilization, low-temperature ethylene oxide, and hydrogen peroxide. The need for plasma and radiation sterilization.

Heat sealing width: 3/5/8mm can be customized
Heat sealing length: 500/800/1200mm
Working temperature: 100~200℃ adjustable
Sealing height: customizable lifting table
Temperature control accuracy: ≤ 1%
Compressed air pressure: 0.5~0.8 Mpa
Negative pressure source: built-in negative pressure pump
Operating noise: ≤ 75 dB
AC power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz
Work rate: 800 W
Maximum current: 16 A
Insurance wire: 10A×2