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The device can be used for disconnecting TPE thermoplastic tubes in aseptic sealing operations. This proven aseptic sealing technology can achieve aseptic sealing of TPE thermoplastic tubes with outer diameter of 1/4" to 1-3/8". It completely covers the aseptic sealing of commonly used pipes, providing safe and reliable aseptic sealing operations for end customers.

Flexibility: Dry and aseptic disconnects with liquid for 1/4 "to 1-3/8" OD lines. One unit meets all requirements.

Stability: Increase the contact area with the pipe to improve the heat sealing stability and better heat sealing effect.

Space: compact and lightweight, split design, to meet a variety of space needs.

Orientation: Plug and play, full automation, simple interface, one-button operation.

Service support: full range of technical support, rapid after-sales response, to ensure product operation.

Level of authority: three-level operation authority, complete, true, reliable and traceable data.