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Key Features:
  4.3 "(95 × 55mm) color LCD display, touch keys, humane Chinese user interface, built-in clock and automatic storage

function parameters;
microcomputer intelligent temperature control, temperature control accuracy of ± 1%, temperature 60 ~ 220 ℃

arbitrarily set;
 high-speed heating design, room temperature ~ 180 ℃ temperature just 40S;
 using floating constant pressure lamination system designed to meet the paper and plastic bags, paper-dimensional bags,

paper bag sealing needs;
 auxiliary cooling design, the design of cooling systems and set up joint working temperature, reduce temperature to low

temperature sealing sealing the waiting time;
 advanced flat ceramic heating elements can be dry, high temperature, long life, high thermal efficiency.
 automatic fault alarm indicator, automatic detection of the working process of the various failure automatic alarm or tips.
Technical Parameters :
   sealing speed 10m/min; using light-control technology to achieve sealing print automatically detected.
seal pattern width 12mm; 
   seal left side 0 ~ 35mm adjustable;
   Power supply: 110V/220V 50Hz Maximum power: 500W
   equipment size: 560 × 260 × 220 (mm) Weight: 18kg
Printing system functions:
    Chinese, English, numbers, and in line with "YY 0466-2003 medical equipment used with medical device labels, tags,

and providing information symbols" and other special symbols print function, enabling the failure of regulatory requirements,

batch, the operator code, pot No, pot inferior variety of Chinese printing requirements;
sterilization date, expiration date can be automatically adjusted according to the set, no manual adjustments due to

the size of the monthly number of days per month;
built-in one printer, print font width adjustable, easy to print more content to the relatively narrow paper and plastic bags,

printing can also press a button to turn off the need to close an entry, flexible, and efficient;
     print and paper bags to match the width of intelligent assistance, namely: the system will be given a paper bag width

requirements based on the selected print content, assist the operator to determine the content, or select the appropriate

print paper bag; insufficient width report reminds bag; 
Note: 1 can be configured to display the print in English or other languages according to the user;
          2 can be tailor-made products according to the needs of the user;
          3 Accept OEM production;