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Key Features:

l Sterilized items using specialized software package information editing, storage and computer,

they can always bring up the print, modify change at any time on demand.

The software requires WINXP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 support;

l Packet data sterilized items printable equipment package name, package name, and the number of items,

sterilization date, expiry date, operator, furnace number, heats, department name, sterilization and barcode content;

l With sterilization instructions and blank label printing combined;

l Optional 90 * 77mm, 77 * 50mm, 60 * 40mm, 47 * 30mm, 47 * 60mm, 60 * 80mm size label paper;

l The program comes with 299 sets of various sections of sterile package,

you can use built-in setup package sterilization items, you can use the built-in 299 sets of various sterilized items

within the package quickly select the package contents for printing;

l Built-long ribbon, print speed, enabling continuous printing;

l Use server - client architecture, enabling LAN queries;