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 Main Features

Automatic feeding, cutting and sealing: You only need to set up the length and quantity of the paper-plastic pouches as per the requirements and start the program, then the machine will automatically complete the feeding, cutting and sealing process

If necessary, several rolls of paper-plastic pouches with different widths could be loaded into the machine at the same time to improve its working efficiency by cutting off the edges simultaneously

Multi-purpose machine: Cutting and sealing of paper-plastic pouches can be realized separately or at the same time;

7”color LCD touch screen with Android operation system, which features in graphical operation interface, single chip control system, in-built clock, and adjustable parameters settings and automatic storage  with functions of voice reading, voice prompt and wireless Wife connection etc.;

In-built LCD touch screen can be used to set up or change the operation parameters of the machine  with a variety of Chinese input methods or optional scanning gun;

Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, accuracy ±1%, random setup of working temperature range 60~220℃;

High-speed increase of temperature: only 40 seconds required from ambient temperature to 180℃; high efficient and energy saving

Auxiliary temperature reduction design: The in-built microcomputer controlled temperature reducing device reduces the waiting time from high sealing temperature to lower sealing temperature

Safe operation: If the sealing temperature outranges the setting range for more than ±4℃, the machine will automatically stop working, which effectively guarantees the seal quality and safety

Automatic failure alarm and automatic detection during working

Complete optional accessories, such as the multifunctional roller worktables and special silent roller transmission platform, scanning gun etc..

 Technical Data

Control System7” color LCD touch screen          

Sealing Speed10±0.5m/min     

Sealing Width12mm                          

Cutting Length≥80mm                        

Sealing Margin:0~35mm adjustable                    

Working Temperature60~220℃ adjustable

Temperature Control Precision≤1%                           

Ambient Temperature10~40℃

AC Power Supply:110V/220V±10% 50Hz