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Main Features 

■Unique rapid continuous heat sealing tech to speed up one times faster than normal ones;

■7” color LCD touch screen, graphic operation interface, and changeover between Chinese-English;

■Micro computer temperature control for accuracy of ±1%;

Built-in OQ function;

■Only 40 seconds needed from room temperature to 180℃;

■Auxiliary cooling design;

■Automatic fault defection and alarm;

■Standby time and standby temperature adjustable;

■Advanced flat ceramic heating components allow dry running;

■WS310.2-2016--second part: Packaging Instruction compliant.


                   EF131-TR  powder-coated carbon steel casing                            EF131-TR  stainless steel casing


Main Features

 7” color LCD capacitive touch screen, Android operation system graphic interface, built-in clock and randomly set up of parameters; Function of auto-saving, voice reading, voice prompt and Wifi wireless connection;

■Print parameter data and wireless router are available for saving and quering print informations;

■print margin, space marker, space length, print and seal serial No. control;

■Positive(descending)seal counter;

optional ancillary facilities like ultra-silent roller transmission platform, scanning gun and packaging material cutter etc..