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Main Features

Can print Chinese characters of up to 24X24 matrix which are easier to identify with double height and width of 12x12 matrix ones. Easy change of printing from large-size characters in one line to small-size ones in two lines;

7”color capacitive LCD touch screen, Android operation system, graphical operation interface, in-built clock, random setup of parameters and Large-font printing and automatic storage function; Unique functions like auto-saving, voice reading, voice prompt and Wifi wireless connection;

Even no external computer is available, the operator can use the in-built colored touch screen to set up or change the operation parameters and the information such as the operator, department, description and so on; and then print out all the selected information;

Have printing parameter database and the sealing parameters can also be recorded through a wireless router to store the information for future reference and follow-up;

Have in-built forward (backward) counter to accurately count sealing quantity;

Have unique control of the in-built print margin, print space characters, length of print space and print of sealing serial No.;  

Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, accuracy ±1%, random setup of working temperature range 60~220℃;

Automatic failure alarm and automatic detection during working;