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EF121-B adopts 7large-sized capacitive touch screen, graphic presentation, auto control interface, fully auto micro computer temperature control with easy operation system and reliable working status. It integrated auto feeding, auto cutting and continuous sealing with Chinese-English printing, may set up of paper-plastic cutting length, sealing temperature, expiry date, sterilizer No. And sterilizing times etc.. It is a machine that of nice looking, compact in size, convenient to handle with high working efficiency and labor and time saving. It is used in hospital disinfection supply center and other paper-plastic packaging occasions, or can use as a sole cutting machine or sealing machine.

Technical Data

■Control System7” color LCD capacitive touch screen 

■Sealing Speed10±0.5m/min     

■Sealing Width12mm                          

■Cutting Width≤500mm (Can simultaneously cut off the edges of several roll pouches        

■Cutting Length≥50mm                         

■Sealing Margin0~35mm adjustable                    

■Working Temperature60~220℃ adjustable

Temperature Control Precision≤1%                           

■Type of Printerneedle printer

Ambient Temperature10~40℃                        

■AC Power Supply:110V/220V±10% 50Hz                 


Max Current3.2A      

■Fuse5A X 2                

Dimension1130X290X200 (length x width x height)mm