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Main Features

Automatic feeding, cutting sealing and printing: You only need to set up the length and quantity of the paper-plastic pouches as per the requirements and start the program, then the machine will automatically feed, cut, seal the pouches and print out all the selected parameters in 2 lines and in Chinese or English language;

Multi-purpose machine: Cutting, sealing and printing of paper-plastic pouches can be realized separately or at the same time to improve the working efficiency;

Adjustable sealing margin: Depending on whether printing is necessary to improve the utilization rate of the pouch rolls by adjusting the distance between the cutting and the sealing edges;

If necessary, several rolls of paper-plastic pouches with different widths could be loaded into the machine at the same time to improve its working efficiency by cutting off the edges simultaneously;

7”colore capacitive LCD touch screen with built-in Andriod operation system, graphical operation interface, voice reading, voice prompt,auto-saving and Wife wireless connection;

In-built LCD touch screen can be used to set up or change the operation parameters and the printer will print out all the selected parameters;

Temperature controlled by a microcomputer, accuracy ±1%, random setup of working temperature range 60~220℃;

High-speed increase of temperature: only 40 seconds required from ambient temperature to 180℃; high efficient and energy saving;

Auxiliary temperature reduction design: The in-built microcomputer controlled temperature reducing device reduces the waiting time from high sealing temperature to lower sealing temperature;

Safe operation: If the sealing temperature outranges the setting range for more than ±4℃, the machine will automatically stop working, which effectively guarantees the seal quality and safety.

Automatic failure alarm and automatic detection during working;

Complete optional accessories, such as the roller worktables and multifunction worktables.

OQ function and WS310.2-2016--Second Part: Packaging Instrument compliant.

 Technical Data           

Control System:7” color capacitive LCD touch screen 

Sealing Speed:10±0.5m/min     

Sealing Width:12mm                              

Cutting Length:≥50mm                         

Cutting Speed:10±0.5m/min   

Sealing Margin:0~35mm adjustable                    

Working Temperature:60~220℃ adjustable

Temperature Control Precision:≤1%                           

Type of Printer:needle printer

Ambient Temperature:10~40℃                        

AC Power Supply:110V/220V±10% 50Hz