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Main features
1. The monitor has a field environment adaptive calibration function, which can adapt to different working environments. When the working environment changes permanently, it can be adapted and calibrated through an internal calibration program;
2. When the on-site monitoring hydrogen peroxide gas concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm threshold, the monitor has sound (buzzer treble output), light (color bar on the front panel of the device) and remote (gas remote alarm controller) ) Simultaneous alarm prompt function in three ways, which can manage the gas concentration alarm in different levels. Different alarm levels and different alarm levels will have different sound and light alarm reminders;
3. The sensor part of this monitor adopts a modular design. When the sensor life reaches the limit, the new sensor module can be replaced at the use site at any time. The replacement procedure is simple and easy to operate. There is no need to return to the factory for replacement. Changes in the gas concentration (the sensor module has been calibrated to a normal state in the company) to prevent accidents;
4. The monitor has alarm data storage function, which can store up to 600 pieces of alarm data separately. It can save the time, temperature and concentration when the alarm occurs, and it is convenient for users to view the historical changes of the ambient gas concentration. It is equipped with a gas remote alarm controller ( (Optional) Storage of 10,000 pieces of information or U disk export;