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Main features:
■Using fast and continuous heat sealing technology to double the working speed of conventional equipment, which can meet the needs of users for fast sealing and GMP certification;
■Color LCD touch screen, graphical operation interface, Chinese and English display and print switching, built-in clock and working parameter adjustment and setting;
■Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, temperature control accuracy ±1%, working temperature 60~220℃ arbitrarily set;
■When the sealing temperature exceeds the set value range ±4℃, the equipment can automatically stop working to ensure high-quality sealing quality;
■High-speed heating design, only 40S for heating from room temperature to 180℃;
■Auxiliary cooling design, designed with a cooling system linked to the working temperature setting, reducing the waiting time from high temperature sealing to low temperature sealing temperature adjustment;
■Advanced flat-plate ceramic heating components, which can be dry burning, fast heating, uniform heating, high temperature resistance, long life and high thermal efficiency;

technical parameter   
■Sealing speed: 20±0.5m/min
■Seal width: 12mm
■Sealing and leaving side: 0~35mm adjustable
■AC power supply: 220V 50Hz
■Power rate: 500W
■Maximum current: 3.2A