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 EF028 series constant temperature heat sealing machine is used for PE, PP, PET high-barrier multi-layer film as packaging material. The plastic bag needs to be vacuumed and then heat-sealed at the production site. It adopts constant temperature heating and uses pneumatic compression for heat sealing. Way to heat seal. Mainly to meet the needs of high-quality heat-sealing of packaging bags for various articles in various industrial enterprises, bio-pharmaceuticals, medical consumables and other production units, and the quality of heat-sealing meets the requirements of relevant standards or GMP certification.

Heat sealing width: 4mm between double 3mm indentation (heat sealing indentation can be customized)
Heat sealing length: ≤ 400 mm
Working temperature: 100~200℃ adjustable
Temperature control accuracy: ≤ 1%
Compressed air pressure: 0.5~0.8 Mpa
Operating noise: ≤ 75 dB
AC power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz
Work rate: 800 W
Maximum current: 16 A
Insurance wire: 5A×2
Weight: 40 Kg
Dimensions: 420×320×1080 (length×width×height) mm (without loading platform)